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Our Story

6 Weeks PhD Thesis is an initiative of Regent Research Writing Pvt. Ltd. to support PhD students across the UK with their doctoral dreams. The months leading up to the final submission of the thesis are usually the most hectic, filled with rigid deadlines. This will have a negative impact on the student’s ability to write the thesis document with the required academic proficiency and not to mention the several guidelines to be followed as per the respective university. We offer our academic writers to help the students write their thesis with all the requirements of any university in the UK and we do it within a tight deadline.

Our Service Specializations


Experienced Team

Our team comprises academic writers, research consultants and subject matter experts catering to a number of disciplines.


Quality Assessment

The tight deadlines need not be covered with dull standards of work. Our quality assessment makes sure of academic proficiency.


Assured Delivery

You would have requested the service because you need to meet the deadlines and we will certainly not let you down on that count.

Why we stand out


100% originality


Secure Data Confidentiality


Subject Matter Experts


Native UK Writers


Round-the-Clock Support


Safe & Easy Payments


Plagiarism Tested


Quality Revisions

Our Growth in Numbers



Over the years we have had the pleasure to serve the dreams of many doctoral students in the UK.

The thesis writing service we offer has helped them meet rigid deadlines without compromising on the quality of work which would otherwise have proved adverse to their years of hardwork in building up the research.



The UK has been a global destination for PhD students with a number of prolific universities.

We have been privileged to work with students from many of these universities and we have constantly upgraded our writing service to match the demanding quality and personalized guidelines of these universities.



With our strong team of native academic writers and subject matter experts for a variety of fields.

We have been able to cater to the needs of doctoral students across several disciplines in their respective subject area.

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